Queen Has Secret Lifelong Love of Labradors — Betraying All Corgis, Reason

Just as there can only be one queen of England, there can only be one preferred dog species of the monarchy.

Over the course of her historic 59-year reign, Queen Elizabeth has chosen corgis as her breed of choice — in fact, she's owned thirty, which she parades about during public occasions.

Queen Elizabeth Is a Downton Abbey Superfan! (and 6 Other Surprises About the Record-Breaking Monarch)

Trust us, Lady Mary maniacs: You don’t know Downton Abbey like Queen Elizabeth knows Downton Abbey.

When the 89-year-old monarch settles in to watch the hit show, she does so with a keener eye than most: She knows the historic locale where it is filmed, Highclere Castle, inside and out – and relishes spotting things that may be amiss.

The Queen's Cornflakes! Peek Inside the Daily Life of Queen Elizabeth

She is about to break the record for the longest-reigning British monarch in history, and for Queen Elizabeth, it’s all about consistency.

The woman who came to the throne as a mother of two at age 25 in 1952 keeps her life just so in a routine that has remained amazingly unchanged through the 63 years that she has served as sovereign.

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See 'Queen Elizabeth' as a Glowing Bride in New Netflix Drama

Queen Elizabeth may be relaxing at Balmoral and gearing up to celebrate surpassing Queen Victoria as Britain’s longest serving monarch this fall, but elsewhere in the United Kingdom, it’s one of her past milestones that’s gathering attention.

Palace Tweets a Surprisingly Silly Moment Between Young Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Anne

Even when your mom is the Queen, childhood can still be (occasionally!) silly.

A rare moment between a young Queen Elizabeth and her two laughing children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, was shared in a tweet by Buckingham Palace Wednesday.

The picture, which dates back to 1954, shows the Queen, who was around 28 years old at the time, with an ear-to-ear smile alongside her two eldest children.

See the Stunning Portraits That Will Mark Queen Elizabeth's Record-Breaking Reign

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t like a fuss. But if the 89-year-old had hoped the moment she becomes the longest-reigning monarch in British history would go without pomp and fanfare, she’s out of luck – and royals fan are in for a treat.

New Book Details Why the Queen 'Didn't Know How to Handle' Princess Diana

Queen Elizabeth II and her daughter-in-law Princess Diana had a long-troubled relationship – and a new book sheds more light on the disconnect between the two royal women.

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