John McCain Speaks Out After Donald Trump Says He's 'Not a War Hero'

Sen. John McCain has responded to Donald Trump’s remarks mocking his military service as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

McCain said that Trump, 69, does not owe him an apology for his comments about soldiers captured in war. Rather, McCain thinks Trump should be addressing the veterans of the U.S. military, according to NBC News.

Meghan McCain Dishes on Presidential Politics and The Bachelorette for New Talk Radio Show

Sure, Meghan McCain is the daughter of a former presidential candidate (John McCain 2008, anyone?). So it’s little surprise that when her new three-hour daily radio show called America Now debuts on Monday, her first guest will be a man running for the White House who also happens to be a family friend (Lindsey Graham 2016!)

Paul McCartney and Jamie Foxx Get Down in the Hamptons (WATCH)

Hillary Clinton-Katy Perry in 2016? A Short History of Pop Songs in Presidential Campaigns

“Hey, Hillz! Nice meeting you. Lemme write you a song when you run for president!”

That’s basically how Katy Perry followed up her meeting with Hillary Clinton at a book signing last Friday. And Clinton seemed down with it, oddly enough.

Arizona Governor Weighs Controversial 'Religious Freedom' Bill

Gov. Jan Brewer returned to Arizona on Tuesday and faced a pressing decision about a bill on her desk that has prompted a national debate over religious and gay rights.

The Republican governor has been in Washington the last five days for a governors conference, and she is returning to a political climate that is much different from just a week ago.

Late Tuesday night, Brewer Tweeted: “I assure you, as always, I will do the right thing for the State of Arizona.”

John McCain Celebrates the Wedding of Son Jack

U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona and his wife Cindy shared in a happy occasion Saturday night – the wedding of their son Jack McCain to Renee Swift, the senator’s rep confirms.

The younger McCain, 27, serves as a lieutenant in the Navy, stationed in Guam where he is a helicopter pilot. Swift, 29, a Bay area native, is a captain in the USAF reserve. The couple met in Guam.

Meghan McCain: I Love Sex and I Love Men

Meghan McCain keeps her clothes on in the latest issue of Playboy, but she doesn’t hold back when it comes to baring her personal life.

Making it clear she’s “not a lesbian,” McCain – the 27-year-old daughter of Republican Sen. John McCain – tells the magazine, “I’m not private about anything. I can’t help it. I love sex and I love men.”

The Arizona native may deny she likes women, but that’s not keeping her away from surrounding herself with people who date the same sex.

Sarah Palin, John McCain Disparage HBO's Game Change

Neither appears to have seen it, but Sarah Palin and John McCain both took shots this weekend at Game Change, the HBO movie about their unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign. The film premiered Saturday night.

Game Change Theatrical Trailer Released

Julianne Moore Will Play Sarah Palin but Who Should Play John McCain?

While Julianne Moore is brushing up on her Alaskan accent to play Sarah Palin in HBO’s upcoming film Game Change, producers are going to need someone to play her former running mate, Sen. John McCain.

The movie, based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s bestselling book of the same name, is about McCain’s 2008 presidential run.

So who in Hollywood could take on Arizona’s war hero senator?