Golden Globes 2010

The Stars' Poshest Perks!

From the $9,000 compact to diamond-studded lingerie, see the posh perks that come with fame!


John Mayer, Kate Winslet and Sean Penn have all been spotted buzzing through the Four Seasons' spruced-up bar, which boasts new love seats that are perfect for post-awards show canoodling by the fireplace. And when couples get thirsty, they can toast each other with the bar's extensive selection – for a price. The 55-year-old Macallan scotch costs $1,200 a snifter, while a glass of Hennessey Ellipse is slightly cheaper – at $650. And when the night goes long, many a celeb has opted for the $5,950-a-night Presidential Suite. – Maureen Harrington