Emmy Awards 2013

Our Favorite Shows the Emmys Somehow Forgot

No love for Honey Boo Boo, Catfish or Wife Swap? We plead the case for our (somewhat shameful) staff picks


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At first glance, MTV's documentary series about online relationships speaks to the voyeuristic side of human nature and wanting to watch a train wreck, but look closer, and its true appeal lies in hosts Nev and Max. In aiding the lovesick individuals who reach out to them, the pair have become this generation's Oprah and Dr. Phil, dispensing guidance and advocating for introspection on the part of the catfish-ee. Though nine times out of 10, the digital "charmer" is revealed to be an ex-convict with a different name and face, the show rewards viewers' persistence with the occasional success story, providing the hope we need to keep believing in true reality love. – Kiran Hefa, Assistant Editor and Whitney Little, Associate Producer