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The Fit 5: Tips to Feel (and Look) Like a Star!

From Leighton's surefire bikini workout to Lance's healthy energy drink, get the scoop on how to look fab like the stars


Got beach plans – but your abs are still camera-shy? Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester swears by "a week of really great cardio" to flatten her stomach. Sound too good to be true? An hour a day can make a difference, says Ashley Borden, an L.A.-based celebrity trainer, especially if you invest in a heart rate monitor. "It's the smartest thing you can do so you know if you're burning fat," she says. "Rotate three routines for 20 minutes each, like roller blading, biking, and running." So, forget that hour-long reality show and get moving. – Thailan Pham and Jenny Sundel

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