See These Adorable Kids Re-Enact the Grittiest Emmy-Nominated Dramas

A child version of Rust Cohle

updated 09/03/2015 AT 7:49 PM ET

originally published 08/22/2014 AT 4:10 PM ET

The world of prestige TV is not a safe one for children. When people aren’t being eaten by dragons, they’re getting pushed in front of subway cars or murdered in other dangerous ways.

What’s one way to make these shows more kid-friendly? Remake them with actual kids, of course!

In anticipation of Monday night’s Emmy Awards, the folks over at decided to rework the six shows nominated in the Best Drama category with adorable tykes.

The new juvenile takes on shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective reveal some startling insights, including one unexpected message from the story o Breaking Bad – never trust your chemistry teacher.

Matthew McConaughey

Photo Illustration by Linzi Silverman; Photos Provided by Getty