7 Great Pieces of Breaking Bad Fan Art

Bryan Cranston (left) and Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad

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updated 09/03/2015 AT 7:49 PM ET

originally published 08/22/2014 AT 8:10 AM ET

Everyone’s favorite meth-related drama, Breaking Bad, is up for 16 Emmys this year.

To help celebrate, DeviantArt has rounded up some of the best Breaking Bad fan art. The site’s users imagine Walt and Co. as inhabitants of the Simpsons universe, South Park, and even Gotham City.

Check them out below:

User AKADoom makes us considerably more worried for Ned Flanders’s knock at the door of 742 Evergreen Terrace.

From M7781, née Marco D’Alfonso, imagine a parallel universe where Walt and Jesse have a nice little rap career going on the side. Well, Jesse did have a band in the show, but this is different.

DeviantArt user PixelKitties’s page is primarily concerned with the intersection of My Little Pony and well, everything else, so this is a natural move for them.

Courtesy of tuonenjoutsen, this is probably the most logical crossover in this roundup.

Actually, residents of snowy South Park would probably enjoy a trip to the ABQ, courtesy of emword.

Darthfilart isn’t the Deviantartist Walter White needs, he’s the one he deserves. Hey, at least now we know what was being piped through Bane’s mask.

Dima Noopr created a world we can best describe as the Meth-ical Kingdom.

Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle

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