'Let It Go' 24 Ways: The Complete Guide to Frozen's Internet Domination

03/04/2014 AT 03:15 PM EST

Frozen's hit song is called "Let It Go," but this catchy tune isn't going anywhere.

Between Frozen's box-office success and the deluge of frigid weather, "Let It Go" has become the anthem of the season. This perfect storm reached a new peak with the ballad's Academy Award win for Best Original Song, making writer Robert Lopez the youngest EGOT ever.

Throughout it all, fans have fed "Let It Go" fever by churning out their own versions of Idina Menzel's (or is it Adele Dazim's?) ode to self-empowerment. Batman villains, weather-weary reporters, Tyra Banks and even Menzel herself have shared their own twists on the unstoppable song.

Instead of searching the Web for every worthwhile parody, mashup and cover, see the best "Let It Go" renditions right here, ranked by popularity.

24. "The Frozen Father" dad parody

23. "Let It Go" with Benedict Cumberbatch GIFs

22. "Let It Blow" by Bane from Dark Knight Rises

21. "Let It Go (Chicago)" weather anchor parody by Dan Ponce

20. Tyra Banks's bizarre Vine cover

19. "Make It So" Star Trek parody

18. "It Is Cold" Polar Vortex parody

17. "Let It Go" by Tay Zonday of "Chocolate Rain" fame

16. Good Morning America's massive "Let It Go" sing-along

15. "Let It Go" mom parody

14. "Bet It Go" mashup with High School Musical 2

13. "Let It Go" performed by Mr. Freeze from Batman & Robin

12. "Let It Go" by 13-year-old Connie Talbot from Britain's Got Talent

11. "Just Don't Go" traffic reporter parody by Bob Herzog

10. "Let It Go" according to Google Translate

9. "Let It Go" violin cover by Jun Sung Ahn

8. Christina Bianco sings "Let It Go" as famous musicians

7. Acoustic cover of "Let It Go" performed by girl group Cimorelli

6. 9-Year-Old Annelise Forbes sings "Let It Go" perfectly

5. Male vocal cover of "Let It Go" by Caleb Hyles

4. "Let It Go" and "Let Her Go" mashup by Sam Tsui

3. "Let It Go" mashup with Vivaldi's "Winter" by The Piano Guys

2. Twin girls Maddie & Zoe cover "Let It Go"

1. Alex Boyé's "Let It Go" cover featuring the One Voice Children's Choir

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