The Daily Treat: Amanda Seyfried’s Dog Was Not Impressed by the Golden Globes

Finn Seyfried

Courtesy Amanda Seyfried

updated 08/25/2015 AT 8:16 PM ET

originally published 01/13/2014 AT 2:00 PM ET

Ruh-roh! If we are to glean anything from the Twitter account of Finn Seyfried, the beloved Australian shepherd of Amanda Seyfried, it may be that this was his last year watching the Golden Globes. But not to worry Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, it has nothing to do with you!

Like so many others, Finn took to Twitter to voice his thoughts about Sunday’s broadcast, narrowing in on one of the show’s most remarked upon issues.

“How many dog years is it taking these winners to make it to the stage? #yikes” he Tweeted.

The brown-haired pooch was also left scratching his (furry) head when Jacqueline Bisset accepted her award for best supporting actress and went on to deliver a meandering speech full of painfully long pauses. Joking about her seemingly loopy behavior, Finn quipped, “I think Jacqueline Bisset is standing silently near my dog park and quite frankly I’m a little unnerved.”

Here’s hoping Finn rewards us with his observations again during Saturday’s SAG Awards.


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