Armie Hammer Smiles in Mug Shot for Pot Bust

Armie Hammer Arrested, See His Mug Shot: Photo
Armie Hammer
Courtesy the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office

01/26/2012 AT 03:55 PM EST

Armie Hammer will certainly be looking his best when he hits the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday. But he's looking pretty darn good in a mug shot that's just been released.

The J. Edgar star, who's nominated for best supporting actor, posed for this picture in November, when he was arrested for marijuana possession in Sierra Nevada, Texas.

Authorities allege they found pot cookies and a brownie, according to the police report.

But prosecutors dropped the case against Hammer, 25, because he allegedly had a very small amount of actual marijuana.

Still, he spent a day in jail and paid $1,000 bond.

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