Sleeping Beauties: How Hollywood Gets Gorgeous at Night

From Heidi Klum's tip for sexy hair to Kim Kardashian's trick, stars and their glam squads share their favorite tricks to getting gorgeous – during sleep. By Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester.


Busy supermodel – and supermom – Heidi Klum may have the advantage of her exclusive hairstylist Helena Faccenda to get her red-carpet ready, but Faccenda reveals that getting Heidi's look is just as easy on your own. Before you hit the sheets, spritz hair with volumizing spray, flip your head upside-down and create large braids at the nape, crown and bangs. Fasten the three braids in a bun on top of your head. In the morning just shake them to create beautiful waves. And, she notes, they are super comfortable to sleep in!