Russian President Vladimir Putin Hits the Gym to Pump up His Tough-Guy Image

Russian President Vladimir Putin has always worked hard to project an image of strength – but this time he’s taking it literally.

Chelsea Handler Accuses Instagram of Sexism for Yanking Her Topless Photo

Chelsea Handler’s putting it all out there.

The comedian and former Chelsea Lately host recently posted a revealing picture of herself on Instagram – and then accused the photo-sharing service of sexism after it pulled the image down.

In the photo, Chandler is seated topless on a horse, spoofing a now infamous bucolic picture of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

Grieving Father of Malaysia Airlines Victim Lashes Out at Vladimir Putin in Open Letter

A Dutch father who lost his only child in the missile attack on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 posted an emotional open letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin, holding him responsible for the Russian-backed separatists who, officials say, brought down the commercial passenger jet on July 17.

Zac Efron Jumps on the Shirtless Horseback Riding Trend Started by Vladimir Putin and Justin Bieber