Teresa Heinz Kerry Released From Hospital

Teresa Heinz Kerry was discharged from a Boston hospital Saturday, almost three weeks after suffering a seizure.

Teresa Heinz Kerry May Have Had a Seizure: Report

A person in close contact with the family says Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, was hospitalized after showing symptoms consistent with a seizure.

The person was not authorized to speak publicly about her condition and spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

A spokesman for John Kerry says the 74-year-old Heinz Kerry was flown to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston on Sunday night after doctors at a hospital on Massachusetts’ Nantucket Island stabilized her.

John Kerry's Wife in Treatment for Breast Cancer

Teresa Heinz, wife of the U.S. Sen. John Kerry, revealed Wednesday she has been treated for breast cancer and urged women to get regular mammograms that she says could save their lives.

“The cancer was detected at an early stage thanks to a mammogram and the work of a remarkable physician who insisted on investigating beyond what the mammogram could show,” Heinz, 71, writes in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I have had two operations and my prognosis for a full recovery is good.”

Mrs. Bush: No Hard Feelings for Mrs. Kerry

First Lady Laura Bush, campaigning in New Hampshire on Thursday, brushed off the tiff over Teresa Heinz Kerry suggesting she never had a real job.

“It didn’t hurt my feelings, and it was perfectly all right,” the First Lady said while sipping a coffee at a place called Jack’s in New London. “She apologized but she didn’t even really need to apologize. I know how tough it is. I know those trick questions too,” added Bush, who had been librarian and teacher in Texas from 1968-77.

President Bush Gets Cozy with Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil McGraw, accompanied by his wife Robin, sat down with President and Laura Bush in the living room of the first couple’s Crawford, Texas, ranch for Wednesday’s installment of the Dr. Phil daytime TV show.

The hour, which emitted a warm-and-fuzzy feeling, dealt with such family matters as whether children should be spanked – now-22-year-old twin daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush were not – while it consciously sidestepped such harsh campaign issues as Iraq and the economy.