Sarah Palin to Host Outdoors TV Show

Sarah Palin will host a weekly outdoors-oriented program that will celebrate the “red, wild and blue” lifestyle, the Sportsman Channel said Monday.

The program, Amazing America, will debut next April. The Sportsman Channel is in some 32 million homes, fewer than one-third of American households with television, with programming geared to people interested in hunting, fishing and shooting. Palin’s show will include a series of stories about personalities and activities in that vein.

Ted Nugent: Come Hunting, Lance Bass

He may have lost out on his bid to blast off to the International Space Station due to lack of funds, but ‘N Sync singer Lance Bass has received another offer – a cheaper one.

For just $1 million, rock guitarist and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent (whose books include “God, Guns & Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Kill It and Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish”) says Bass can come to his Michigan ranch, where he will teach the boy-band member essential bow-hunting skills, the Associated Press reports.

Nugent Won't Budge

Rocker Ted Nugent, 51, who ticked off some people at an April concert when he criticized people who live in the U.S. who don’t speak English, has removed himself from an Aug. 22 concert with KISS rather than guarantee promoters that he won’t express a similar sentiment during the performance. Local Hispanic community leaders are organizing a national boycott of Nugent, reports the Associated Press, which was told by Johnny Mata of the League of United Latin American Citizens: “He needs to learn by being hit in the pocket book.”

Nugent Not Attacked: D.A.

All charges have been dropped against a man who was arrested after rocker Ted Nugent accused him of assault at an anti-fur protest outside San Francisco’s Neiman Marcus store on Sunday. (The two reportedly got into a heated debate over Nugent’s proposed hunting plans.) Nugent had claimed that Bhaskar Sinha, 21, bumped into and threatened him, but a store security camera showed no contact, says the Associated Press. On Tuesday, the San Francisco D.A. decided to release Sinha.

Ted Nugent Disappoints: Couple

A couple in Lincoln, Neb., is suing “Cat Scratch Fever” rocker Ted Nugent, 52, for allegedly reneging on an eBay Internet auction deal in which they said they paid $1,535 in order to have dinner with him and receive front-row seats at one of his concerts. Instead, say Ron and Krishelle Bennett, at his Aug. 25 performance at Sandstone Amphitheatre in Bonner Springs, Kan., Nugent only spoke to them briefly and they had to sit 30 rows back (in $45 seats). After complaining, they say, the couple was allowed to observe the concert from the side of the stage.

Nugent: Whole Lot of Reneging

Hard rock guitarist Ted Nugent is having a bad run of it. Last week, the Motor City Madman was sued for a Nebraska couple for allegedly reneging on a deal made on eBay in which the pair paid $1,535 for front-row seats at a Nugent concert in Kansas plus dinner with him. This weekend, reports the Associated Press, Nugent was scheduled to get an honorary key to the city in Omaha, but Mayor Hal Daub reportedly reneged on the deal when criticism of the rocker was circulated by the animal activists People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.