Ray Screenwriter James L. White Dies of Cancer at 67

Screenwriter James L. White has died

White – who penned the original screenplay to the Jamie Foxx movie Ray – died Thursday morning following a battle with pancreatic and liver cancer Variety reports. He was 67.


Helen Mirren's Secret to a Happy Marriage? Giving Each Other Space

Spending every waking hour with your significant other is not the key to a happy marriage – at least for Helen Mirren and her husband, Taylor Hackford.

“The thing is to allow the other person freedom to do what they want to do, which is so important,” Mirren tells PEOPLE. “Let them do it. Encourage them and support them and vice versa.”

The 69-year-old, who wed the Oscar-winning director in 1997 after 11 years together, adds, “It doesn t work if it only goes one way. It’s got to go two ways.”

Helen Mirren: I Got 'Queenitis' When I Met the Real Queen

Even to Oprah Winfrey, Helen Mirren is kind of a big deal.

The mogul refers to the Oscar winner as “The Helen” and couldn’t think of anyone better-suited to play the starring role in The Hundred-Foot Journey, which hits theaters Aug. 8 and features Mirren as the haughty head of an upscale French restaurant suddenly facing competition from an Indian eatery opening across the street.

Helen Mirren: Don't Call Me a Sex Symbol

She insists that she needs to wear towering “stripper heels” because she’s only 5’4”, but Helen Mirren – who memorably twerked for a bunch of Harvard students earlier this year – insists that people shouldn’t call her a sex symbol.

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Helen Mirren's Husband Surprised by Her Nude Photos

Taylor Hackford was pleasantly surprised when he flipped open New York Magazine to find images of his wife, Helen Mirren, nude in a bathtub.

“She said she did a photo session with New York magazine,” Hackford told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s New York premiere of Love Ranch, which he directed. “I had no idea what they were until I saw them in the magazine.”

The photos, which Hackford says he “loved,” correspond with Mirren’s role in Love Ranch as the madame of a legalized brothel.