Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge Talk Breast Cancer, Sex After 50

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month approaches, two of music’s most high-profile survivors are speaking out about winning their battles with the disease.

Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge team up for the cover of AARP The Magazine’s October/November issue, opening up about being in the spotlight while sick.

Tammy Etheridge Bristles at Melissa's New Relationship

Melissa Etheridge may have found new love with Linda Wallem, but her ex Tammy Etheridge doesn’t seem to be so thrilled by the new relationship.

Sharing her side of the story in a lengthy post on her blog Tuesday, Tammy says she moved out of the marital home in Nov. 2009 but wasn’t sure it was a permanent split. “One never even said one was breaking up with me,” Tammy writes.

Tammy Lynn Michaels: Melissa Etheridge Left Me with No Money for Meals

Melissa Etheridge’s attorney may claim “[Tammy Lynn Michaels] is being completely supported by Melissa and has been since they separated,” but Michaels is arguing otherwise.

“Pays all the bills not entirely true,” Michaels writes on her blog. “Pays all the bills she chooses to pay [and] pays all the bills her people thinks are important enough to pay is more accurate.”

Melissa Etheridge Ready to Start Dating Again

Nearly six months after announcing her split from longtime love Tammy Lynn Michaels, Melissa Etheridge is ready to enter the dating world again.

“You gotta be fearless about these things,” she told PEOPLE at Hard Rock’s Pinktober Breast Cancer Awareness program launch this week.

The rocker, 49, has been choosing to focus on love instead of fear to get through the past year. “There is no fear when you choose love,” she explained. “The more you choose love, the more love is in your life. It gets easier and easier.”

Melissa Etheridge: Tammy Used Our Children as 'Pawns'

In detailed new court papers, Melissa Etheridge says she cherishes every moment she can spend with her kids between her tour dates this summer. So, she was shocked when she traveled to Boston on July 6 to see 3-year-old twins Johnnie Rose and Miller – only to be served with court papers from her ex instead.

“[She] used our children as pawns,” the rocker, 49, says in court papers released Thursday in her increasingly bitter split with Tammy, 35.

Melissa Etheridge's Ex Files for Full Custody

Are Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels headed for a custody battle?

Almost a week after the singer filed legal documents to end their partnership, Michaels also went to court to file her own papers.

Tammy Etheridge: Split with Melissa Not Mutual or Amicable

Melissa Etheridge may have told Oprah Winfrey that her breakup with Tammy was “as mutual as those things can be,” but the singer’s former partner is now publicly disagreeing.

“I did not go anywhere, honey. And you and I both know it,” the former Tammy Lynn Michaels, 35, wrote on her blog Thursday. She does not mention her ex by name, but refers to her “wife” in the post. “Please stop telling the press it was mutual.”

Melissa Etheridge's Son on Same-Sex Marriage Ban: 'Lame'

Melissa Etheridge has a message about California’s Proposition 8, which would ban same sex marriage: It’s lame!

But those aren’t her words – that’s how the singer’s 9-year-old son, Beckett, described it.

“He, being 9 years old and very proud of his reading skills, read ‘Changes California Constitution to eliminate right of same sex couples to marry,” wrote Etheridge in her blog on The Daily Beast. “He looked at me, very matter-of-factly and said, ‘Wow, that’s lame.’ ”

Melissa Etheridge Plans to Tie the Knot Again

Melissa Etheridge plans to legally tie the knot with her longtime partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels.

But the couple, whose twins turn 2 this month, are still in pre-planning stages. “We’re trying to find the right time now actually to go down and do it – [that] is where we’re at,” Etheridge said Wednesday, according to Extra.

Twins for Melissa Etheridge, Partner

Melissa Etheridge and partner Tammy Lynn Michaels are sharing some major family news with their fans.

“We are thrilled to announce that Tammy is pregnant, and expecting our twins sometime around this fall,” the singer and the actress say in a joint statement on Etheridge’s official Web site.

“To answer the obvious question: We used an anonymous donor from a bank,” the statement continues.