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20 Things We Love About Reality Bites on Its 20th Anniversary

Reality Bites turns 20 on Tuesday, which means the Gen-X classic is just a few short years away from chain-smoking and pontificating about post-college consumerism.

Two decades later, the film has become a ’90s touchstone, as well as an underrated romcom classic – just whisper the name “Troy Dyer” to a woman over 30 and you’ll be treated to an elaborate analysis on the romantic appeal of dudes in bands.

To celebrate the film’s entry into its post-grad years, we’ve outlined the 20 best things about Reality Bites.

Jen Aniston & Steve Zahn Dish about Onscreen Intimacy

Steve Zahn had an enviable job when filming the new quirky comedy Management: Touching Jennifer Aniston’s rear end.

Asked if he looked forward to getting to grab Aniston’s famous derriere – even though he plays a woefully awkward suitor – Zahn told PEOPLE, “Of course – especially those scenes because they were so hysterical.”

Steve Zahn: Matthew McConaughey Will Be an 'Awesome' Father

Matthew McConaughey will be “an awesome dad,” his Sahara costar Steve Zahn tells PEOPLE. But there’s just one problem.

“[Babies] like to bite and grab your shirt, so he’ll have to wear a shirt,” Zahn jokes. “But now he’ll have an excuse to take it off, because they’ll throw up on it.”