5 Things You Should Know About NCIS: New Orleans Star Scott Bakula

Seventeen million viewers can’t be wrong. At least that many tuned in Tuesday night to see Scott Bakula make his debut as Dwayne “King” Pride, the special agent in charge over at CBS’s burgeoning hit, NCIS: New Orleans.

While most fans remember that Bakula played Dr. Sam Beckett in the cult sci-fi series Quantum Leap for four years, what else is there to know about the attractive 59-year-old actor? A lot, actually. Here are five of them:

Desperate Housewives Finale Proves Classically Desperate

Desperate Housewives is over. For longtime fans of the ABC comedy-drama, the two-hour finale flew by.

The first half concluded the preposterous murder trial against Bree (Marcia Cross). It was sad to see Bree led off to the death chamber manacled and in an unflattering orange jumper. Am I kidding? As narrator Mary Alice would say: Yesssssss