Liv Tyler's Estranged Husband Auditions for Velvet Revolver

After splitting with his wife, Liv Tyler, earlier this year, British rocker Royston Langdon may have a new gig.

The Spacehog frontman, 36, is currently auditioning in L.A. to be Velvet Revolver’s lead singer, following Scott Weiland’s drama-filled exit from the band in April, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Tyler-Langdon family in NYC

Actress Liv Tyler, 30, was spotted out with her husband Royston Langdon and son Milo William, 2 1/2, on Sunday in NYC. They were going out to dinner to celebrate Liv’s 30th yesterday.

Liv recently spoke to Glamour about how she and Royston came up with Milo’s name.


Jada Pinkett Smith and Liv Tyler on being working moms

Reign Over Me co-stars Jada Pinkett Smith and Liv Tyler spoke about what it was like working on the film with little ones back home to take care of. Jada says she was able to balance the two efficiently with help from husband Will and her mother looking after Willow, 6, Jaden, 8, and Trey, 14.

Liv Tyler and family keep warm in NYC

E! Online has a photo of Liv Tyler, her husband Royston Langdon and their son Milo William, 2, all bundled up for a walk around chilly New York City.

Liv and Royston will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on Sunday.

Liv Tyler takes Milo to the zoo

Liv Tyler took her son, Milo, who was 2 in December, to Los Angeles Zoo over the weekend. Milo’s dad is Royston Langdon. Liv is a celebrity baby as well, being the daughter of Steve Tyler and Bebe Buell. See more pictures here and a video here!