Former Gen. David Petraeus Could Be Indicted

The FBI and prosecutors for the U.S. Justice Department have recommended retired Gen. David Petraeus face felony charges for passing classified information to his former mistress Paula Broadwell, according to reports.

In 2012, Petraeus resigned as the director of the Central Intelligence Committee after admitting to having an affair.

Former Petraeus Paramour 'Very Grateful' for Husband's Support

A month after her affair with Gen. David Petraeus became public and led to the four-star general’s resignation as head of the CIA, Paula Broadwell is trying to mend her relationship with her radiologist husband, Scott.

Paula Broadwell 'Devastated' by Her Role in Petraeus Affair

When Paula Broadwell and her husband Scott returned to their North Carolina home with their two sons on Sunday from Washington, D.C., 25 friends and neighbors gathered to offer their support.

But for the married Broadwell, 40, who was both biographer and mistress to former Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus, 60, the revelation of the affair and subsequent attention has made her emotional.