See This/Skip That: From Thor to About Time

Thor returns with his mighty hammer and a lighthearted sense of humor, while About Time makes for solid rom-com fun.

PEOPLE’s critic weighs in on what to see and what to skip at the movies this weekend.

It's Over for Barbara Hershey and Naveen Andrews

They had a 21-year age difference and endured a strain that would have sunk any other relationship, and still Barbara Hershey and Naveen Andrews continued as one of Hollywood’s more endearing couples.

But now comes word that it quietly ended for Hershey, 62, and Andrews, 41, six months ago. “They remain best of friends,” Andrews’s manager Renee Jennet tells PEOPLE.

Which Hollywood A-Listers Could Pull Off Disney Villains?

Glenn Close was sheer evil perfection as the live-action version of Cruella De Vil in the 1996 remake of the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians. And while that creepy character sought to clothe herself in cuddly lap dogs, Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent takes it up a notch, cursing a baby to death by spinning wheel and turning into a dragon! She’s so ominous, in fact, she may be the first Disney villain to get her own feature.

Naveen Andrews with son in L.A.

Lost’s Naveen Andrews, 37, was pictured in L.A. with his small son. The child’s mother is Elena Eustache. The baby was conceived in 2005 while Naveen was separated from his partner, actress Barbara Hershey, 58. The baby is believed to be named Naveen Joshua and is supposedly about 11 months old. Naveen also has son Jaisal, 16, with his former high school math teacher Geraldine Feakins.

Lost Star Naveen Andrews's Mystery Date

What was Lost’s Naveen Andrews – who’s dated Barbara Hershey since 1998 – doing on Manhattan Beach on Saturday with a mystery blonde?

“I have no comment,” his rep tells PEOPLE in its new issue. “Naveen and Barbara are still together.”

In fact, during a PEOPLE interview just hours before the beach romp, Andrews, 37 – who plays former Iraqi soldier Sayid on the hit ABC drama – insisted all was well. “(My private life) seems to be dysfunctional,” he said, “(but) what’s actually going on. is good and pure.”

Lost Star Andrews Says He Fathered Child

Naveen Andrews, who plays Iraqi soldier Sayid on Lost, has acknowledged that he fathered a child after an encounter with another woman during a “brief period” of separation from longtime girlfriend Barbara Hershey last year.

Andrews’s publicist says that the British-born actor, 35, recently learned that he is the father of her baby boy, and that he and Hershey, 57, have worked things out and remain committed to their relationship.