Surviving Bee Gees Reunite for Charity

Barry and Robin Gibb, two-thirds of the Bee Gees, reunited on stage for a Miami charity concert on Saturday, their first performance since the death of brother Maurice three years ago.

The private concert at the Diplomat Hotel raised money for the Diabetes Research Institute at an annual benefit for the organization, said Barry Gibb’s publicist, Paul Bloch.

Among the dozens of Bee Gees hits they performed from 35 years’ worth of songs were “Stayin’ Alive,” “Massachusetts,” “How Deep is Your Love” and a tribute to Maurice, “Don’t Forget to Remember.”

Most Talked-About Moments

Bee Gee Maurice Gibb dies unexpectedly in January, leaving a heartbroken family behind.

Music was a family affair for the Bee Gees. From the time they were young, twins Maurice and Robin and brother Barry Gibb were “three kids who wanted to be like the Beatles,” Maurice told PEOPLE in 2001. As teenagers, after the native Brits moved with their family to Australia, they got their wish, signing their first record contract in 1963.