Actor Matthew Rhys Finds Himself Tongue-Tied over Princess Kate

Actor Matthew Rhys hoped to remember his lines, but when he met Princess Kate at a special lunch in New York City on Monday, he became a little lost for words.

Keri Russell Is Dating Matthew Rhys

They’ve dodged relationship rumors for months. But now – unlike their spy characters on The Americans – the secret (love) life of Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys has been revealed.

PEOPLE has learned that Russell, 38, and Rhys, 39, are a couple.

Matthew Rhys: I Couldn't Pull Off a Fake Marriage in Real Life

Matthew Rhys probably wouldn’t make as good of a spy as his on-screen counterpart.

While his character manages to keep up a fake identity and two marriages on FX’s The Americans, Rhys says it’s something he’d never be able to do himself.

Even My Mom Thinks I'm Dating Keri Russell, Says Her Costar Matthew Rhys

Matthew Rhys figures his fans might believe rumors about him on the Internet. But his own mother?

“She calls up going, ‘What’s going on? I just read this about you,’ ” the Welsh actor tells PEOPLE. “I tell her, ‘You have to take off your Google alerts.’ ”

The gossip about Rhys, 39, has been focused lately on the rumored relationship between him and Keri Russell, his recently separated costar on The Americans.

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys: Are They Dating?

They play spies on television, but are Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys keeping a real-life secret as well?

The actress, 37, who recently confirmed a split from Shane Deary, her husband of nearly seven years, has been spotted looking close to her costar in New York City, where they film their hit show The Americans.

Keri Russell's The Americans: Are You Hooked?

She’s come a long way since Felicity.

That much was clear in the very first scene of The Americans on Wednesday night, as Keri Russell was shown in an extremely compromising position with a Department of Justice agent. Long gone is that sweet college girl from the ’90s.

Matthew Rhys to Women: 'Bring It On'

Brothers and Sisters star Matthew Rhys is single and ready to mingle – even at the car wash.

The 33-year-old bachelor, who briefly dated Sienna Miller tells U.K.’s Glamour magazine he loves ” a ball-breaker” and wants confidence in a woman.

“[A woman should] just come right up and introduce herself … in the supermarket, at the car wash … Bring it on!” he says of opportunities to change his “sadly single” status.