Amanda Seyfried, Marlon Wayans and Jason Derulo Play Catchphrase on The Tonight Show

Flattery Is Queen Latifah's Secret Weapon on Lip Sync Battle (VIDEO)

Queen Latifah is on a mission to see just how far flattery can take her on Lip Sync Battle.

In a preview of Thursday’s face-off against Marlon Wayans, the actress and musician lip-synchs along to “Rock the Bells” by LL Cool J.

Check Out the Snazzy Art for NBC's New Show Featuring Cheryl Burke and Joe Jonas

Take a pretty picture? They can do that!

PEOPLE has the exclusive First Look at the promotional art for I Can Do That, a new summer series that will star ex-Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke and Joe Jonas.

Mindy Kaling and Busy Philipps Have Major Crushes on Marlon Wayans

It’s official: Marlon Wayans is the hottest, best-smelling man in the world – at least according to Mindy Kaling and Busy Philipps.

Kaling, 35, swooned via Twitter on Thursday about meeting the In Living Color alum, Tweeting, “I just met Marlon Wayans and he is legit the hottest guy in the world.”

Ellen Finds God, Wayans Bros. Do Munsters

God and Herman Munster are coming back to Hollywood.

First off, the all-mighty Ellen DeGeneres, 46, will star as the Almighty in a remake of the 1977 George Burns comedy Oh, God! to begin shooting during a break in her syndicated talk show next summer – though her director and disciple (that is, costar) have yet to be decided.

“Ellen is a strong comedian, and she has always done material about God and questions about God,” Jerry Weintraub, who produced the original movie and will also do the remake, tells Variety.

On the Job with Michael Weatherly

Love the tough guys on Navy N.C.I.S.? Well, we hate to shatter your image, but they’re not so tough. “Mark (Harmon) and I, sometimes we start to giggle, when we’re supposed to look each other in the eye and be kind of tough,” costar Michael Weatherly tells us. “It’s hard for the editors to find bits with us not laughing with tears in our eyes.” Hmm. But there is one thing about which Harmon – PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive in 1986 – is tough: punctuality. “You have to be on time,” Weatherly says. “It’s a Mark Harmon show, and he’s a very punctual guy.

Wayans to Join Hanks in Killer Comedy

Marlon Wayans is getting ready to play Peter Sellers to Tom Hanks’s Alec Guinness.

The “Scary Movie” star, 30, is joining the Oscar-winning Hanks, 46, for the Coen brothers’ upcoming Disney remake of the 1955 classic British black comedy “Ladykillers” – which starred Guinness and then-newcomer Sellers.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, this incarnation, which is scheduled to begin shooting this summer, will star Hanks as an eccentric Southern professor who assembles a gang of double-crossing thieves to sting a riverboat casino.