The 7 Greatest Mustaches of the '70s

In honor of Movember, we’ve chosen the best mustaches from the decade that made ‘em famous.

It’s a stacked deck, so let’s get moving.

7. David Crosby

Though David Crosby started out looking positively cherubic in Buffalo Springfield, by the 1970s, his mustache had kept pace with his musical output. Sprawling, curly, and usually standing watch over a joint, Crosby’s walrus ‘stache is still with us today, just as – however improbably – the man himself is.

PHOTO: Michael Phelps's Sports Illustrated Cover Revealed!

Michael Phelps has already celebrated his record-breaking Olympic performance with his family in Beijing – and now the swimmer is celebrating his historic achievement by gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated, adorned with his eight gold medals.

The athlete has won the most gold medals of any Olympian ever – famously beating out swimmer Mark Spitz’s record of seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

Mark Spitz Calls Michael Phelps 'The Greatest'

As the world watches to see if Michael Phelps makes it to eight gold medals in a single Olympiad this weekend, the athlete whose record Phelps hopes to beat – Mark Spitz – is graciously wishing the young American phenomenon well.

Phelps's Quest to Beat Spitz Derailed

Michael Phelps’s dream to beat Mark Spitz’s 1972 record of seven gold medals was laid to rest Sunday when the United States was upset by South Africa in the 400 freestyle relay – but the 19-year-old from Baltimore was back in the pool in Athens Monday, preparing for the Olympic 200-meter butterfly.

“It sorta hurts,” Phelps, looking stunned, told reporters as he got out of the pool Sunday night to take the bronze medal. (The Netherlands took the silver.) “We wanted to win. But this is all we had, and these were the four fastest guys we had.”