Lori Hacking's Married Name Gone from Grave

Lori Hacking’s family has made a major change to the murder victim’s final resting place: They have deleted the name “Hacking” from her headstone and replaced it with her maiden name.

The grave of the Utah woman, who was reported missing in July and whose decomposed body was found on Oct. 1, now reads “Lori Kay Soares,” USA Today reports. Hacking’s husband Mark Hacking has been charged with killing his 27-year-old wife.

“We just felt that Mark obviously didn’t want her anymore,” Lori’s mother, Thelma Sores, told the paper.

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Mark Hacking Makes First Court Appearance

A puzzled-looking and silent Mark Hacking, wearing a bullet-proof vest, showed up in a heavily guarded Salt Lake City courtroom Monday for a brief hearing to face charges of killing his wife after she confronted him over deceptions about his education.

The accused, in his first public appearance since being charged in Lori Hacking’s murder, was dressed in a yellow jail outfit and orange sneakers as 3rd District Judge William Barrett scheduled a preliminary hearing for Sept. 23, where Hacking will enter his pleas, the Associated Press reports.

Police Reveal Lori Hacking Letter to Mark

A letter from Lori Hacking to her husband, suspected murderer Mark Hacking, was revealed by Salt Lake City police on Wednesday, showing that she had pleaded with him to change his ways.

“I want to grow old with you, but I can’t do it under these conditions,” she wrote in a typewritten letter discovered by police at the same time they found a blood-stained hunting knife in the couple’s apartment, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Hacking Charged with First-Degree Murder

Prosecutors in Salt Lake City filed a first-degree murder charge against Mark Hacking, who allegedly confessed to his brothers that he killed his wife, Lori, by shooting her in the head with a .22-caliber rifle, according to a probable cause statement released Monday.

Hacking Confessed to Brothers, Says Dad

Mark Hacking is due to be arraigned on Monday and could get the death penalty for killing his pregnant wife Lori – a crime he confessed to his older brothers, according to their father, Douglas Hacking, who believes his son Mark simply “snapped.”

Bloody Lies

Say this for Mark Hacking: When it came to playing the role of loyal husband and earnest medical student, he truly had an actor’s gift – including the right props. At a family gathering in Salt Lake City in June, for instance, he showed off a new stethoscope that he said he would be taking along when he started medical school at the University of North Carolina in the fall. “He said he was excited to have his name etched on the back,” recalls his sister-in-law Stephanie Hacking.

DA: Hacking Admitted to Killing Wife

Mack Hacking confessed that he killed his pregnant wife Lori in her sleep, then disposed of her remains in a trash dumpster, Salt Lake City District Attorney David Yocum told reporters Tuesday.

According to a probable cause statement, Hacking, 28, told a “reliable citizen witness” in the psychiatric ward of Utah Medical Center what he did with his wife.

A statement from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department also says that investigators found human blood on a knife in the bedroom of the couple’s apartment and on their bed’s headboard and a bedrail.

Hacking Arrested in Wife's Murder Probe

Salt Lake City Police have arrested Mark Hacking in the disappearance and possible murder of his wife, Lori Hacking.

“I am confident that we have a good case here, and we will continue to gather evidence,” said Salt Lake City Chief of Police Rick Dinse at a press conference outside of police headquarters Monday afternoon.

As of the time of the conference, the body of Lori Hacking had not been recovered. Lori Hacking, 27, has been missing since July 19, when her husband told authorities that she failed to return from an early morning jog.

Family Calls Off Hunt for Missing Woman

In a sudden and possibly ominous turn of events, the family of missing Salt Lake City woman Lori Hacking has announced in a written statement that new information provided by Lori’s husband, Mark Hacking, makes it “unnecessary for individuals or groups to continue the volunteer search” for her.

The family also asked that the media and the public respect the family’s privacy at this time.