The Internet Can't Believe That Luis Suérez Bit a Guy at the World Cup

Oops, Luis Suérez did it again.

As he had twice before, the Uruguayan football star allegedly bit an opposing player on the pitch during Tuesday’s World Cup match against Italy.

Human flesh is something of a weakness for Suérez – the 27-year-old footballer had previously chomped down on opponents while playing for AFC Ajax in the Netherlands in 2010, and for Liverpool in the English Premier League in 2013.

Luis Suérez: World Cup Bad Boy Bares His Teeth

Biting opponents, racist comments – all that looked to be behind Luis Suérez, as soccer’s bad boy was maturing into a star for his club and country. Then, the old habit that most people leave behind in nursery school cropped up again in front of an audience of millions.

Faced with a smothering and frustrating Italian defense in a must-win World Cup game Tuesday, the Uruguayan superstar responded with his front teeth.