Romance, Scandal and that Secret Baby: What to Look for in Downton Abbey's New Season

No meth labs. No superheroes. No steamy sex scenes. So what exactly is it that’s got me – an avowed avoider of most things period, British and cozy – hooked on Downton Abbey?

Downton Abbey Cast Fist-Bumps in Celebration of SAG Nominations (VIDEO)

Watch the Trailer for Downton Abbey's New Season

There’s a fire burning at Downton Abbey and we’re not just talking about the heated passions.

“I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on,” says butler Carson (Jim Carter) at the start of the newly released trailer for season 5 of the hit PBS period drama.

As Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) sums up, “the world is changing,” and the Crawley family and their staff are not immune.

Downton Abbey Cast Responds to 'Water-Bottle-Gate' in Amusing Photo

The Crawley crew has once again found its way out of a soggy situation.

On Saturday, the Downton Abbey cast issued an appropriately cheeky response to water-bottle-gate, after a historically inaccurate promotional photo went viral on Thursday. The rebound is perfectly in keeping with the family’s ability to finesse an awkward situation with creativity, nobility – and a dash of humor.

Downton Abbey Photo Gaffe Sparks Internet Sensation

Downton Abbey Unveils New Season 5 Teaser (VIDEO)

When last we left the good folks at Downton Abbey, Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) had to choose between suitors, one more handsome and wealthy than the other.

Such a dilemma.

So, where is the show going with this?

Thanks to this newly released teaser for season 5, fans of the acclaimed British period drama can get a glimpse of what’s to come – and seemingly without spoilers.

See Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Upcoming Season of Downton Abbey

When last we left Downton Abbey, the Crawley family was teaming up to rescue the Prince of Wales from a royal scandal, while Paul Giamatti was making his first appearance as Cara’s boorish brother.

Downton Abbey's Dramatic Plot Turn: What Caused It?

How seriously do TV viewers take what happens to the Crawleys and those in their sphere on Downton Abbey?

So seriously that, as the series’ creator and writer Julian Fellowes recently admitted to PEOPLE, he even gets yelled at “a bit” by members of the public when something they dislike takes place on the show.

“And they know it all,” the Oscar- and Emmy-winner, 63, said about the public’s reaction. “They have opinions that are better than mine.”