What Happened When Cinderella's Lily James Met Prince William? (VIDEO)

Cinderella's Lily James Calls Discussion of Her Waist 'Upsetting' and 'Just Boring'

Lily James is ready to put an end to the discussion of her Cinderella waistline once and for all.

How Did Cinderella's Lily James Really Get That Tiny Waist?

Lily James is silencing rumors that her teensy waist in Disney’s Cinderella was digitally altered.

The 25-year-old actress has faced scrutiny from fans on social media over how slender her waistline appears in promotional material for the new live-action remake. But James has spoken out, denying that any Photoshop magic distorted her figure.

See This/Skip That: From Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit to Ride Along

Chris Pine has some mighty big shoes to fill, stepping in for Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford as he takes on an iconic role in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. But is he up to the task?

Plus: Ice Cube and Kevin Hart attempt to kick things into high gear with their version of a buddy-cop movie, Ride Along.

Here’s what to see and what to skip at the movies.

Oscars 2012: Who Should Win Best Supporting Actor?

Hard to believe, but with so many notable roles under their belts over the past several years, Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominees Kenneth Branagh, Nick Nolte, Christopher Plummer and Max Von Sydow have never grabbed the gold.

That is likely to change Sunday night – for one of them. Or, in an upset, possibly for the much-younger Jonah Hill.

Michelle Williams Jiggles Just Like Marilyn Monroe

She added a few pounds, had the blonde wig, and spent hours in makeup each day to play Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film My Week with Marilyn. But Michelle Williams had to learn to move like the Hollywood legend, too.

“I wasn’t watching what I ate, let’s put it that way,” Williams, 31, told PEOPLE Sunday, at the film’s New York premiere, about her physical transformation, which also included some helpful wardrobe tricks that helped her jiggle a bit more.

Silverstone, Branagh: Love's Labour Found

Reports are circulating on both sides of the Atlantic that “Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone, 23, and “Hamlet” actor-director Kenneth Branagh, 40, became romantically involved with the latest of his leading ladies during the filming of his latest Shakespearean project, “Love’s Labour Lost.” Branagh, who has a history of becoming involved with his leading ladies, was married to Oscar-winner Emma Thompson. He recently broke up with Helena Bonham-Carter. Silverstone’s rep denied reports of the new romance to the New York Post.


Actors Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter, according to MSNBC. The two met while making 1994’s “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.” (Branagh was previously married to actress Emma Thompson for six years.)