Top Gun 2 Moves Closer to Reality – But Who'll Be in It?

Feeling the need? The need for speed? Soon, you may get it.

Top Gun 2 moved a little closer to takeoff this week, as Paramount and Skydance have found a writer for the long-awaited sequel to the 1986 classic starring Tom Cruise.

Kelly McGillis: 'I Have a Very Quiet, Little Normal Life, and I Love It'

After a hiatus that lasted a decade, Kelly McGillis has returned to acting. And if her trajectory this time isn’t as stratospheric as her Top Gun days, that’s just fine with her.

Top Gun Star Kelly McGillis & Girlfriend Join in Civil Union

Actress Kelly McGillis and sales executive Melanie Leis, who have known each other since 2000, were joined in a civil union this week, The New York Times reports.

Judge Robert T. Zane III, municipal presiding judge for New Jersey’s Camden County, N.J., officiated at the Collingswood Municipal Court on Wednesday, says the paper.

Kelly McGillis: Coming Out as a Lesbian Not Easy

Kelly McGillis was relaxing in the Florida sunshine and preparing to go on a cruise last February when a simple question caught her off guard: As a single woman, was she looking to date a man or a woman?

“It was like a moment of truth,” says the actress, 52, who became a star after appearing with Tom Cruise in Top Gun in 1986. “[A reporter] asked me the question and I thought, Hmm, do I say the truth, or do I just say, It’s none of your business, which is my standard answer?”

Top Gun's Kelly McGillis 'Done with the Man Thing'

Kelly McGillis, best known as Tom Cruise’s girlfriend in 1986’s Top Gun, has revealed to the Internet show Girl Rock! that she is single but no longer searching for a male companion.

Asked if she’s looking to date a man or woman, the actress, 51, replied, “Definitely a woman.”