John Esposito, Katie Beers's Captor, Found Dead Inside His Prison Cell

John Esposito, the former Long Island building contractor convicted of kidnapping Katie Beers two days before her 10th birthday and keeping her in a makeshift underground dungeon for 16 days in 1993, died Wednesday inside his cell at Sing Sing prison in Ossining, NY. He was 64.

Katie Beers Breaks Her Silence About Her Ordeal in a Dungeon

Twenty years after she was kidnapped, forced into an damp, dark underground hole – 2 feet wide, 7 feet long and 3 feet high – and often held in chains, Katie Beers is speaking out at last about the hellish circumstances she survived.

“I felt it was time for me to tell my story,” says the 30-year-old Beers, whose new memoir, Buried Memories, is being published by TitleTown Books and excerpted in the upcoming issue of PEOPLE.