Singer JoJo Defends Her Visit to Hyde

Fifteen-year-old singer JoJo, who caused a mini-scandal in October when she was spotted at L.A.’s Hyde Lounge, says her visit to the hot spot was totally innocent.

“I didn’t know it was 21 and over,” she told PEOPLE at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. “It’s a freakin’ restaurant and I was there with my mom and two other underage friends. I had milk and cookies! I wasn’t drinking alcohol.”

Chris Evans: Staying Humble

Chris Evans may have plenty of buzz around him with his roles opposite Kim Basinger in the upcoming thriller Cellular (opening Sept. 10) and as one of the titular stars of next year’s Fantastic Four, but success hasn’t spoiled the Boston native yet. “My Massachusetts buddies don’t give a crap” about his career, says the 23-year-old actor. “Hey, dude, I booked a movie,” he’ll say to them. The response? ” ‘Sweet. When are you coming home? ‘” Evans says. “They don’t even care. They’re very grounded and they’ve known me since I was 12 and a little geek.