Vine Time: Jennette McCurdy's Grandma Has Never Seen Sushi Before

Ariana Grande on Diva Rumors: 'Everyone Is Entitled to Their Opinion'

Ariana Grande is famous for singing about having “one less problem,” but battling reports that she is a diva unfortunately continues to be one.

Over the years – and especially after her music career rocketed to new heights this year – the 21-year-old star has faced multiple incidents that painted her in a less than pleasing light. So what is fact versus fiction?

Ariana Grande Confirms Sam & Cat Is Canceled Amid First-Season Controversy

Ariana Grande has confirmed that Sam & Cat are winding down their onscreen shenanigans together.

The Nickelodeon series, which was slated for a 40-episode first season, has been prematurely canceled, with the 36th episode to serve as the series finale on July 17.

Grande, 21, confirmed the show’s end and wrote an emotion-filled tribute on Twitter Sunday.

From King Joffrey to Justin Bieber: Who Are TV's Worst Bad Seeds?

When Game of Thrones returns for its fourth season Sunday night, fans will get to enjoy the latest adventures in the reign of King Joffrey Baratheon, a blond tyrant who rules Westeros with an ironfisted combination of petulance and sadism. To celebrate Joffrey’s impending nuptials, we’ve given him a wedding gift: a list of the horrible TV children just as bad as himself. Maybe they can have a playdate – just leave the crossbows at home.

Jennette McCurdy's Sexy Selfies Aren't to Blame for Sam & Cat Hiatus

After speculation that racy photos of Sam & Cat star Jennette McCurdy were behind the hiatus of her hit Nickelodeon show, a network rep says that the two are unrelated.

The photos, which show a scantily clad McCurdy, 21, in lingerie surfaced online in March. While some reports speculated the leaked photos led to a halt on the hit show – which costars Ariana Grande – a source close to set says it’s tension between the actresses that’s to blame for the break.

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