Survivor All-Star Jenna Wins Her Man

Rupert Boneham may have been handed the $1 million on the special edition of “Survivor” Thursday night, but there was already good news for another player, Jenna Lewis, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue.

The Survivor: Borneo and All-Stars, chatterbox talked endlessly about being a single mom who’d left her twins, Sadie and Sabrina, 7, behind in Burbank, Calif. Only she’s single no more: She has tied the knot with model Travis Wolfe, 21.

Now That's an Alliance!


At last there were no more backs to stab, no more stale rice to choke down, no more fat naked guys to avoid spooning with at night. There was only a long bus ride to the airport in Panama after the last tribal council for Rob and Amber, the two finalists from Survivor: All-Stars. “They were asleep and they were wasted away; I mean there was nothing left of them,” says host Jeff Probst, who rode with them. “But they were in each other’s arms and they just looked so content. I was watching them thinking, ‘This is a couple in love.’ ”