Anne Heche: I Channeled Indiana Jones for Dig

USA’s new archaeological miniseries Dig is drawing comparisons to Harrison Ford’s classic Indiana Jones series – so did Anne Heche pull out her inner Indy for the role?

What's for Dinner? Zac Efron Orders for His Friends

Zac Efron ordered for the entire table during his recent guys’ night out at Ago Restaurant in West Hollywood. The actor held court at his table and was in a great mood during the meal. He also stopped over and briefly sat down to greet Anne Heche and James Tupper, who were having a romantic dinner together across the restaurant. – Jennifer Garcia

VIDEO: James Tupper Talks Penguin Costars

James Tupper: Son Atlas Is 'Like Having an Unreasonable Employer'

Taking a break from Daddy duty, actor James Tupper joked that fathering his newborn son, Atlas, with Anne Heche has been exhausting.

“It’s a bit like having an unreasonable employer,” he told PEOPLE. “He doesn’t give breaks.”

Tupper, who is also step-dad to Heche’s son Homer, 7, from her marriage to Coley Lafoon, admits that as babies go, Atlas is very well-behaved. “I always imagine babies crying,” he says. “He doesn’t really. He’s very sweet. He’s in a warm bath of love and attention.”

Anne Heche Expecting Another Son?

Anne Heche has offered some blue clues of the gender of her baby.

At the Boom Boom Room’s Children’s Gifting Wonderland in Los Angeles on January 9, the actress and her boyfriend James Tupper chose a pair of Robeez Guitar leather booties in pastel blue, a dozen blue Happy Heinys reusable diapers and a blue MiGi baby blanket .

Anne Heche Says Love Scenes Are Easier with Her Beau

Anne Heche, who is dating her Men in Trees co-star James Tupper, says onscreen love scenes are “less challenging” with a real-life boyfriend.

“Usually when you’re doing a love scene with somebody you’re not in love with, it s like you kiss and you kiss and then you think, ‘Oh, great.’ And then they yell, ‘Cut,’ and you just split apart right away and act like you don’t really like the person,” she tells Extra.

Anne Heche, James Tupper Move in Together

Anne Heche’s Men in Trees costar James Tupper recently bought a new home in West Vancouver, where he’s living with the actress – a situation he says “feels a little bit like heaven,” he tells his local newspaper.

“We are just exploring our relationship and it has been going very well,” Tupper, 42, says to the Vancouver Sun. “Where is it going? I don’t know. Ask me again in a year.”

Summer Lovin': Anne Heche Focuses on Son Homer

As a bitter and very public divorce from estranged husband Coley Laffoon rages on, Anne Heche says she’s trying to see that the couple’s 5-year-old son, Homer, has “the best summer of his life.”

“[I hope] that we can stay focused on the love and blessings of my life,” Heche, 38, told PEOPLE at the ABC Television Critics Association party in Beverly Hills Thursday night. “Summer has been about providing [Homer] with that.”

The Men in Trees star said that the pair engaged in typical summer activities – sports and reading.

James Tupper Says He 'Adores' Anne Heche

Men in Trees hunk James Tupper’s off-screen romance with costar Anne Heche didn’t start until they were both single, he tells PEOPLE.

“The line,” he says, “was never crossed.”

Instead, the actor – who earned the on-set nickname “McTreemy” because of his heartthrob status among viewers – says he and Heche “really trusted each other almost right from the beginning” and leaned on each other as their respective marriages were coming to an end.