30 Rock's Jack McBrayer to Host Lil Bub Talk Show at CatCon

Jack McBrayer, who played Kenneth on the NBC sitcom, is teaming up with everyone’s favorite feline, Lil Bub, to host a talk show at this year’s CatCon – billed as the Comic Con for cat people.

New Girl Sneak Peek: Schmidt Goes into Recovery Mode After Cece's Abrupt Exit (VIDEO)

New Girl has been full of comings and goings in the lead-up to the season 4 finale Tuesday night.

30 Rock Finale Makes PEOPLE TV Critic 'Deliriously Happy'

Spoilers ahead!

The 30 Rock finale was one of the most delightful series wrap-ups I can remember. Not only were Liz Lemon and her fellow NBC colleagues not dead – there’s really no getting over the end of Lost – but they were full of the sparkling, absurd liveliness that characterized the show at its best throughout seven seasons.