Bono to Help Take Spider-Man to Broadway

PLANNED: An all-star creative team is set to give Spider-Man the Broadway musical treatment. Variety reports that The Lion King auteur Julie Taymor will direct, The Crying Game’s Neil Jordan will write the book, and songs will be supplied by Bono and The Edge of U2. Talks are reportedly underway between Marvel Comics and Victor./Victoria producer Tony Adams. No word on a potential Spidey, though Hugh Jackman can do anything.

Shandling's Wild 'Planet'

Garry Shandling is set to play an alien on the big screen. Variety reports the star of HBO’s “The Larry Sanders Show” will appear in “What Planet Are You From?,” described as a sophisticated adult comedy to be directed by Mike Nichols (who last directed “Primary Colors,” starring John Travolta and Emma Thompson). In the film, Shandling’s alien character is sent to Earth to procreate, but he has no penis; he is equipped, instead, with a mechanical apparatus whose propensity to vibrate makes him the hit of the singles’ circuit.

Shandling's Alien Landing

Garry Shandling (“The Larry Sanders Show”) doesn’t think he’s reached his potential as a comedian. “Maybe I’ll do standup again,” Shandling told PEOPLE Daily contributor A.J. Flick. “I’ve been toying around with that idea.” Shandling plays an amorous alien in “What Planet Are You From?,” which Mike Nichols directed from Shandling’s script. (The movie opens in March.) Does Shandling believe in aliens? “I live in Hollywood, so I have to.” In the film Shandling, an alien, marries Annette Bening, but real-life wedded bliss has eluded Shandling, 49.


By Garry Shandling, a $100 million lawsuit against his former manager, Friday, ending a dispute that had brought attention to the potential conflicts of interest created when managers double as TV producers. The terms of the settlement between the comedian and Brad Grey were not disclosed.