The 8 Greatest Mustaches of the '80s

As you know, it’s Movember, and we’re looking back at the most outstanding pop culture mustaches of all time.

The 1970s may have ignited the fuzzy upper lip trend, but the 1980s solidified its A-list status. Meet eight ’80s ‘staches whose iconic status have stood the test of time (and shaving cream).

The 7 Greatest Mustaches of the '70s

In honor of Movember, we’ve chosen the best mustaches from the decade that made ‘em famous.

It’s a stacked deck, so let’s get moving.

7. David Crosby

Though David Crosby started out looking positively cherubic in Buffalo Springfield, by the 1970s, his mustache had kept pace with his musical output. Sprawling, curly, and usually standing watch over a joint, Crosby’s walrus ‘stache is still with us today, just as – however improbably – the man himself is.

Brit Critics: Lick This

A British commemorative stamp depicting Freddie Mercury, the late lead singer of the music group Queen, has drawn fire from critics who call it inappropriate for the Royal Mail to be featuring the flamboyant performer. “The queen we would rather see on our postage stamps is not stripped to the waist and wearing spray-on red trousers,” columnist Simon Heffer wrote in the tabloid Daily Mail.