Doris Day On Saying Goodbye to Rock Hudson: 'I Was In Tears'

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Doris Day’s 90th Birthday Cake Celebrates the Star's Life — In Fondant

One rule about 90th birthdays: You don’t have to share the cake if you don’t want to!

Doris Day Makes Her First Public Appearance in More Than 2 Decades

She wasn’t expected to attend the annual Doris Day Animal Foundation benefit in honor of her 90th birthday. But at the last minute, the song and screen legend decided to make a surprise entrance.

When Doris Day, sporting her trademark pageboy do and a white turtleneck, entered the room at Carmel’s Quail Lodge on April 4 (the day after she turned 90), stunned guests cheered her arrival. Some even started to cry.

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Doris Day's Exclusive 90th Birthday Picture

Doris Day celebrated her 90th birthday Thursday surrounded by friends (some furry) in her beloved home of Carmel By the Sea, California.

The animal lover received hundreds of birthday wishes, which was a huge surprise for the very private actress.

“My 90th couldn’t have been better,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I was flattered by the outpouring of love and especially by how many people generously donated to the animals at

Doris Day Is 90 – And Lookin' Great!

She lit up movie screens and record charts in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, and – as she turns 90 on April 3 – Doris Day remains one of America’s Sweethearts.

Doris Day: Que Sera Sera

Veteran star Doris Day (“The Man Who Knew Too Much,” “Pillow Talk”) refused to talk to a census taker, reports gossip columnist Liz Smith. According to Smith, the census guy rang the front bell at the Carmel, Calif., estate of the reclusive star and staunch animal activist. Day, 76, reportedly answered the intercom herself, but refused to let him in or speak to him. When the census man reminded Day that it is “the law” that she cooperate, she reportedly replied, “I will not answer any questions!” Smith’s column advises Day to try again.

Doris Day Today

“The Man Who Knew Too Much” and “Pillow Talk” star Doris Day, 76, is one of the screen’s great unsung heroines, but she also has a reputation for being something of a recluse. That rep clearly wasn’t eradicated, kindly notes Variety columnist Army Archerd, by her not responding to a recent invitation to participate in the UCLA Film & TV Archives series devoted to her.