Eric Stonestreet Posts the Best Video of Valerie Bertinelli at Van Halen Show

Valerie Bertinelli couldn’t have been prouder on Monday night as she watched her son Wolfgang Van Halen rock out with his band on Hollywood Boulevard.

But could she just move a little to the side? She’s blocking someone’s view!

Van Halen Announces Summer Tour Dates, First U.S. TV Performance with David Lee Roth

Van Halen fans have good reason to rock out this summer – if you live in North America, chances are the band is coming near you.

David Lee Roth, EMT: 9 Stars with Surprising Post-Fame Careers

Navigating the spotlight can be tricky. Navigating the end of the spotlight can be even trickier.

Some stars move into logically-connected careers (Mark Hamill’s largest post-Luke Skywalker role was voicing The Joker for Batman: The Animated Series).

Then again, some stars … don’t. These are nine stars with the post-fame careers that we (and maybe they) never saw coming.

David Lee Roth Denies Nuts Story

David Lee Roth allergic to nuts? That’s bananas!

Earlier this week, a Canadian paper ran interviews with two police officers who claimed the Van Halen star went into anaphylactic shock behind the wheel after eating nuts. (They said they then phoned paramedics, who rushed the singer to the hospital.)

But Roth insists it never happened.

David Lee Roth: Nuts Behind Wheel?

When Ontario Provincial Police pulled over a driver “wearing a little silk scarf and flashy clothing,” they didn’t know he was Van Halen rocker David Lee Roth.

But they did know that the man – who they had stopped for speeding – was in the midst of a medical emergency. Roth, 53, was taken to a local hospital, where we was treated for a severe allergic reaction to nuts, reported the Toronto Sun.

R.E.M., Grandmaster Flash Inducted Into Rock Hall

R.E.M. reunited when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Monday night.

Former drummer Bill Berry – who left the group in 1997 – joined Michael Stipe, Mike Mills and Peter Buck for a special performance of some of the band’s early songs at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.

Singer Stipe said his late grandmother once told him that she felt that the acronym R.E.M. stood for ” ‘remember every moment’ – and this is a moment I shall never forget,” the Associated Press reports.

David Lee Roth Reuniting with Van Halen

After more than two decades apart, the rock group Van Halen and its original lead singer, David Lee Roth, are reuniting.

The band announced Friday that Roth, 52, will front the heavy metal quartet on a 40-show summer tour. This will be the first time Roth has performed with the band since 1984, after which Sammy Hagar sang lead. (Roth briefly rejoined the band in 1996, but didn’t perform with them at the time.)

“I am very excited to get back to the core of what made Van Halen,” lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen, 52, said in a statement.

David Lee Roth's Radio Show Axed

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth, whose morning talk show replaced Howard Stern’s on CBS Radio, was dropped on Friday, the Associated Press reports. His syndicated show had aired in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and four other markets for less than three months.

“I was booted, tossed, and it’s going to cost somebody,” Roth said on his final broadcast, hinting that his lawyers would seek full compensation for his reported $4 million contract.

David Lee Roth: Paramedic Job 'Perfect'

Rocker David Lee Roth has chopped his hair and toned down his high kicks in order to keep a lower profile in his new job – as a paramedic.

The former lead singer of Van Halen tells the New York Post that he has already gone on more than 200 ambulance rides through some of New York’s toughest neighborhoods since he began training to be an EMT.

“It has been an eye-opening adventure,” Roth, 49, says.

His past as a rock god hasn’t gotten in the way of his new life-saving work. “Not once has anyone recognized me, which is perfect for me,” he says.

NEWS BRIEFS: No Buffy for 'Angel'

SKEWERED: Don’t look for a guest appearance from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a.k.a. Sarah Michelle Gellar) during the final episode of the WB series “Angel,” airing May 19, TV Guide Online reports. Gellar, who initially was slated to appear in the next-to-last episode of “Angel,” was unavailable when it came time to shoot the story, series producer Joss Whedon said. And, despite the relationship between Angel, Buffy and the character Spike, the show’s creators did not want the appearance of Buffy to overshadow the regular characters on “Angel.”