Dave Chappelle Booed During Stand-Up Show

Dave Chappelle faced a tough crowd Thursday evening when he was booed during a stand-up performance in Detroit.

The comedian, 41, allegedly slurred his words through his two-hour set at the Fillmore Theater during his comeback tour.

Inside the Actors Studio Turns 20: 5 of Our Favorite Interviews

The very first episode of Inside the Actors Studio aired Aug. 14, 1994.

Hosted by former brothel worker and Arrested Development star James Lipton, the show has gone on to become a cultural institution, both for Lipton’s ah, specific, delivery and persona, and for its watchable, occasionally riveting looks into the craft of acting.

Here are five great moments from the show’s 20-year-and-counting run.

Dave Chappelle: Returning to the Stage Has Been a 'Healing Experience'

And now, returning to the stage

Comedian Dave Chappelle walked away from his wildly successful Chappelle’s Show in 2005, but now that he’s back in the spotlight, after nine sold out Radio City Music Hall performances last month, he says he’s back where he belongs.

Dave Chappelle Hilariously Recounts the First Time He Met Kanye West (VIDEO)

Dave Chappelle was a guest on The Tonight Show Friday, and among the many topics he and Jimmy Fallon discussed – Chappelle’s nine-show run at Radio City Music Hall, being mistaken for a member of The Roots – it’s Chappelle’s recollections of the first time he met Kanye West that are gettin

Dave Chappelle Plays Basketball, Makes Pancakes for Fans in Minnesota

Dave Chappelle recently hit Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a week of performances, and capped his stay with a charity event at which he played basketball with fans and served them pancakes.

Dave Chappelle Recovering After ER Visit

Dave Chappelle checked into to an emergency room in an undisclosed Los Angeles hospital Saturday because he was suffering from exhaustion, his rep confirmed Tuesday.

The comedian, 33, was treated and released a few hours later, said publicist Carla Sims, the Associated Press reports.

“It was exhaustion; he had been traveling,” she said. “He’s fine.”

Sims declined to provide further details, including the name of the hospital.

Dave Chappelle: New Fight with Network

The on-again, off-again relationship between Dave Chappelle and the Comedy Channel is off again, with the comic saying that he won’t return to the cable network should it proceed with plans to broadcast new episodes from material he filmed before leaving the series.

“I feel like it’s kind of a bully move,” Chappelle, 32, told the Dayton Daily News, which publishes near his Ohio home. “That’s just how I feel about it. I don’t know if that’s the case. But if people don’t watch it, then I’d be more than happy.”

Ex-Employee Sues Dave Chappelle for $1 Mil

A former employee of Dave Chappelle’s is suing the comic, claiming he served as Chappelle’s personal manager for nine months but was never paid, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

The lawsuit seeks nearly $1 million in damages and an unspecified sum for a percentage of royalties. Chappelle’s lawyer, David Smith, had no comment.

Mustafa Abuelhija said Chappelle made the job offer in September 2004 and alerted his financial aides about the hire but never put the deal in writing, the Associated Press reports.

Comedy Central Gets Some Dave Chappelle

Peripatetic comedian Dave Chappelle is coming back to Comedy Central – sort of.

Four episodes’ worth of sketches he filmed for the third season of his Chappelle’s Show before his startling exit to South Africa last April (“I’m definitely stressed out,” he told Time magazine shortly after his getaway to a “spiritual retreat”) will be aired on the cable network in weekly showings next April, May or June, Comedy Central has announced.

Chappelle Swaps Comedy Central for Clubs

Dave Chappelle likes downsizing.

The comedian, 33, who walked away from his Comedy Central TV series and, apparently, a lucrative multimillion-dollar contract, is now doing standup in comedy clubs, including one in Kentucky, where he sold out 10 shows.

It’s “like I’m hanging out with a bunch of people, (and) I like that particular kind of attention,” Chappelle tells the Cincinnati Enquirer about returning to standup. “People don’t know what it’s like standing up there on stage, when you have a wall of people smiling at you.”