Good Luck, Good Wife: 13 TV Shows That Survived Killing off Major Characters

Killing off a main character in a television show is a risky move: You’re upending the show’s world (and putting a coworker out of a job) in the hope that the shake-up will lead to something greater down the line. And guess what? Despite the ministrations of fans, who claim that they will never watch their favorite show without [insert character name here], it often works!

Below, 13 shows that did the same thing The Good Wife did Sunday night, and not only survived, but thrived.


MTV's Teen Wolf Creates Memorial Site for Fans to Mourn Major Character's Death

SPOILER ALERT: The text below reveals major plot points to the Monday, March 17, episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf

MTV is launching a special website for angst-ridden fans of its Teen Wolf series to collectively mourn the sudden death of one of the show’s main characters in Monday night’s episode.