'I'm an Animal,' Says Killer of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King

Imprisoned for life for killing two teen-age girls, John Gardner III minces no words: Don’t think for a second he’ll be rehabilitated behind bars.

“I never want to be let out. I will kill. I know I will,” Gardner, 31, tells 48 Hours Mystery for Saturday’s episode. “I am the type that needs to be locked up forever. I am an animal.”

Inside Story: Mom's 30 Minutes Face-to-Face with Daughter's Killer

Carrie McGonigle glared at John Gardner through a heavy glass barrier and asked over a telephone the questions that had been haunting her for more than 14 months.

How, the mother of Amber Dubois wanted to know, were you able to get my 14-year-old daughter into your car? How did you wind up 21 miles away? And, for God’s sake, why her?

It was 30 tense minutes in a San Diego jail in which McGonigle found an inner strength she never knew she had. And it ended on an unexpected note: With the killer asking a question of his own.

Killer of Two Teens Weeps as Families Condemn Him

John Gardner III shuddered and cried at his sentencing Friday as the parents of the two girls he murdered lined up to tell him how he destroyed their lives.

“You took a bright shining star from this community and for what purpose? To serve your sick, twisted mind,” Carrie McGonigle, the mother of slain Amber Dubois, said Friday to Gardner, who was shackled and wearing a green jumpsuit. “I am confident that you will never make it to heaven.”

Amber Dubois's Mom Confronts Daughter's Murderer in Jail

Separated only by glass in the jail, Amber Dubois’s mother faced off with her teen daughter’s killer, finally asking the questions she’s had since Amber went missing more than a year ago.

Carrie McGonigle, whose 14-year-old daughter disappeared last February in Escondido, Calif., spoke with John Gardner Wednesday afternoon at a San Diego jail for 30 minutes. Gardner has Amber and another girl, 17-year-old Chelsea King.

Father Offers Bitter Thanks to Daughter's Killer for Locating Body

Maurice Dubois says his daughter Amber’s murderer has one, and only one, redeeming quality: He finally revealed where he left the 14-year-old’s body.

Sex offender John Gardner confessed last week to killing Amber in 2009 and another San Diego area girl, Chelsea King, 17, earlier this year. In announcing a plea deal that spared Gardner the death penalty, authorities disclosed it was Gardner who had led them to Amber’s remains last month.

Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Amber Dubois and Chelsea King

Amber Dubois’s father supported the plea deal. So, too, did Chelsea King’s. Both men said that the alternative would have been worse.

On Friday, sex offender John Gardner III escaped the death penalty in admitting to murdering both 14-year-old Amber and 17-year-old Chelsea. Authorities also announced it was Gardner who had led them last month to the remains of Amber, who had been missing for the more than a year.

Did the Justice System Fail Chelsea King?

As John Albert Gardner III pleaded not guilty Wednesday to murdering 17-year-old Chelsea King, the court-appointed psychiatrist who recommended at Gardner’s first sex assault case that he be put away for a long time was furious that his warnings went unheeded.