The O'Connell Twins: When Baby Charlie Met Uncle Charlie

What could be better than becoming a new uncle to your brother’s twin daughters? For Charlie O’Connell, having one named after you!

The consummate jokester tells PEOPLE that when he learned Jerry O’Connell and sister-in-law Rebecca Romijn named one of their little girls after him, he immediately thought, “[this] is going to help with my credit.”

Hilary Duff's Changing Diet

Hilary Duff has been working up a sweat on her U.S. summer tour and it shows in her svelte physique. But that’s not the only reason she’s looking so trim. “I’ve made myself be really good for the last couple of months,” she says of her healthier diet. “I used to be obsessed with French fries. Like I’m the biggest French fry person in the world. I could eat French fries all day.”

Bachelor Charlie Begins His Hunt

As promised, the new season of ABC’s The Bachelor shook up the old rules and regulations Monday night, as 25 bachelorettes competed (and fought and cried) for the heart of bachelor Charlie O’Connell, the brother of Crossing Jordan actor Jerry O’Connell.

This time out, producers made a host of changes to throw some excitement into the aging franchise, including an early “speed-dating” round and a new method of handing out roses: Charlie can pick women to stay throughout the dating process, rather than just during the final rose ceremony.

Charlie O'Connell

Charlie O’Connell takes the plunge on the latest installment of ABC’s The Bachelor – all thanks to actor brother Jerry (Jordan’s Crossing). “(His) friend is one of the producers, and Jerry said, ‘What do you think of becoming the next Bachelor,’ ” recalls Charlie. “I chuckled.” Then the New Yorker thought, “Why not?” Charlie, 29, recently talked about finding love among 25 women and confronts the rumor that he dumped his girlfriend for the gig.