The Usual Suspects, 20 Years Later: Everything You Never Knew

Rosebud was a sled. Norman Bates was his mother. And two decades ago this week, The Usual Suspects delivered another of the most memorable final-act plot twists in the history of movies.

It’s basically impossible to discuss the legacy of The Usual Suspects without explaining its surprise ending in depth, so let this be your spoiler warning: The following article will disclose the identity of Keyser Söze – or at least who we’re pretty sure he is.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Reunite on the Set of X-Men: Apocalypse (Photo)

Friendly exes!

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult may have moved on in their private lives, but the pair are very much together on the set of the new film X-Men: Apocalypse.

James McAvoy Gets His Head Shaved for X-Men: Apocalypse (PHOTO)

X-Men fans always knew this day would come: James McAvoy has played a hip, hairy version of Professor X in two movies – never with the character’s signature chrome dome.

Until now.

Olivia Munn to Play Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse

Bryan Singer Welcomes Son Dashiell Julius William

“Michelle Clunie and I would like to welcome our beautiful son Dashiell Julius William into the world,” the X-Men director announced

Judge Lets Bryan Singer's Accuser Drop Lawsuit

A former child model can dismiss his lawsuit that accused X-Men director Bryan Singer of sex abuse in Hawaii, but he has the option to re-file it later, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

Michael Egan III said in a previous court filing that he wanted to dismiss the lawsuit, not because it lacks merit, but because he can’t find a new lawyer to represent him. Singer sought to have the case dismissed with prejudice, meaning it couldn’t be re-filed, with attorney costs and fees imposed against Egan.

Lawyer Drops Accuser in Bryan Singer Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Michael Egan, the man who accused X-Men director Bryan Singer of abusing him when he was a teenager, refused to sign a $100,000 lawsuit settlement, and Egan’s attorney, Jeff Herman, is dropping him as a client.

Bryan Singer Hit with Another Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

A second accuser has filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against director Bryan Singer and entertainment executive Gary Goddard.

In the lawsuit, filed May 3 in Los Angeles Federal Court, an anonymous British man accuses Goddard of contacting him on social media in 2003 when he was 14, engaging in nude webcam sessions when he was 15, and having sex with him when he was 16.

Bryan Singer Calls Abuse Claims 'Outrageous, Vicious and Completely False'

X-Men director Bryan Singer is speaking out about allegations he forced a teenage boy into sex, blasting the claims as a “sick twisted shakedown.”

Singer, 48, broke his silence Thursday and said he won’t participate in the promotional tour for his latest movie.

Bryan Singer's Accuser: Alleged Sexual Abuse 'Changed Me Completely'

Michael Egan says he grew up a “happy-go-lucky” kid in Nebraska. But by the time he left Hollywood in his late teens after moving there to work as a child actor and model, he was a different person.

“It changed me completely,” he tells PEOPLE, adding that he “hated the world. [I] hated everything.”

Egan, now 31, is at the center of a lawsuit filed Wednesday accusing X-Men director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing him as a teenager.