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See Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew in the First Photo of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Cast

Fans can properly salute Star Wars Day thanks to new first look photos of the Star Wars gang in costume.

The cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens posed for exclusive character portraits in Vanity Fair’s June issue, which hits newsstands May 12.

Celebrities Pay Tribute to Oscar de La Renta at Manhattan Funeral

Jessica Chastain Poses As Brave's Merida for Disney

If Angelina Jolie can play Maleficent in a live-action movie about Sleeping Beauty’s wicked nemesis, what’s to stop Jessica Chastain from grabbing a bow and arrow and stepping into the boots of Brave’s heroine Merida for celebrated photog Annie Leibovitz?

Taylor Swift Poses As Rapunzel for Disney

Taylor, Taylor, let down your hair!

In a new photo, Taylor Swift poses as the fairy-tale character Rapunzel featured in Disney’s Tangled, who is famous for her long, golden locks. Swift, 23, is the latest star to pose for Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portrait series commissioned by Disney Parks.

In the photograph, the singer is perched atop a tower, dressed in a purple and pink gown and surrounded by endless locks of shiny, blonde hair.

PEOPLE POLL: Miley Cyrus Photos 'Inappropriate'

PEOPLE readers overwhelmingly object to Miley Cyrus’s photo shoot for Vanity Fair, but they’re divided on whether it will hurt her career.

In a poll, 77 percent of around 70,000 respondents labeled the Annie Leibovitz photos “inappropriate for a 15-year-old” compared with 23 percent who found them “appropriate.”

On the other hand, readers split on whether this ultimately might hinder or help the Hannah Montana star’s career.

Suri Cruise to make her official debut in Vanity Fair

We tried to get some more information from our source on the Suri Cruise issue of Vanity Fair but that place is locked up tight like Fort Knox!  It’s so insane!  You would think they’re printing state secrets instead of baby photos!