Andy Rooney Dies

Andy Rooney, the wry observer of current events for 33 years on 60 Minutes, died Friday night in a New York City hospital, CBS News reports.

The TV journalist was 92 and had undergone minor surgery during the third week of October, only to suffer what were termed “serious complications.”

Rooney, a widower since 2004, is survived by his four children.

Andy Rooney Hospitalized for 'Serious' Surgery Complications

Andy Rooney, who signed off from 60 Minutes this month after 33 years, has been hospitalized in stable condition.

The 92-year-old commentator “suffered serious complications” from minor surgery he underwent last week, CBS announced Tuesday.

The reason for the surgery and the nature of the complications were not disclosed.

Andy Rooney Signs Off 60 Minutes One Last Time

After 33 years and 1,097 essays, Andy Rooney signed off 60 Minutes for the last time Sunday night with a simple message to his loyal viewers who have tuned in week after week to listen to his words of wisdom.

If you see him out and about, just let him be. “Please, just let me eat my dinner,” the veteran TV personality, 92, said as he signed off, as he discussed the setbacks of the fame he acquired on the show.

Andy Rooney Retiring from 60 Minutes

Andy Rooney, whose wry and acerbic essays about the foibles of everyday life have been a mainstay on 60 Minutes since 1978, will retire from the CBS news-magazine program this Sunday after his 1,097th original essay.

Birthday Boy Letterman Gets Jury Duty

SERVED: David Letterman got lucky when it came to jury duty – he only served one day. The Late Show host, whose 58th birthday is Tuesday, showed up at Westchester County’s Supreme Courthouse on Monday and was considered for a medical malpractice case, the local Journal News reports. But he didn’t make the final cut, and after lunch he was excused altogether – and he was back at the Ed Sullivan Theater for his CBS program by early afternoon. During breaks, he sat quietly, reading a book about Montana, according to the Journal News.

Andy Rooney: Mel Gibson a 'Wacko'

On the eve of Mel Gibson’s controversial new movie “The Passion of the Christ,” CBS “60 Minutes” commentator Andy Rooney has pushed some viewers’ buttons by referring to Gibson and TV evangelist Pat Robertson as “wackos,” the Associated Press reports.

During Sunday night’s broadcast, Rooney referenced an earlier statement by Robertson in which Robertson claimed that God told him President Bush would be reelected in November, as well as statements Mel Gibson made about his upcoming film “The Passion of the Christ,” which is due in theaters Wednesday.