Nicolas Cage Wears a Shirt with His Picture on It

One of the most frequently asked Nicolas Cage questions (FANCQ’s) remains, is he in on the joke? Does he know about the memes? The videos? His strange second life as an Internet celebrity?

This shirt is Exhibit A in the argument that, yes, Cage knows exactly what’s going on.

Andrew Dice Clay Files for Divorce

Andrew Dice Clay has one word for the institution of marriage: Fuggetaboutit.

According to papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the Brooklyn-born comic-actor, whose legal name is Andrew Silverstein, and his third wife, Valerie Silverstein, separated March 18, just over four years after they got married.

The Blue Jasmine co-star filed papers stating neither he nor his wife have separate assets worth over $40,000.

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The To Do List

Every generation needs its Porky’s. Hey, that’s not a bad thing – you don’t want to know how many times I’ve seen Kim Cattrall howl like Lassie. It just warms my deviant heart that this particularly funny raunch-fest comes from the female perspective.