The Leftovers Finale Recap: The Fiery End of the Beginning

Sunday night, HBO’s eerie drama signed off in explosive fashion. But in the midst of the chaos, the splintered Garvey clan seemed to find a way back to one another, if only for a moment. Only the baggage they’re all carrying is more than any one family should bear.

The Leftovers Recap: The Good Life Before Loss

Talk about a defining moment.

On last night’s episode of HBO’s The Leftovers, we got to see what life was like in Mapleton before Oct. 14 – that life-changing day when millions disappeared. Turns out things weren’t all that bad, but they were headed there fast.

The Leftovers Recap: It's Open Season on the Guilty Remnant

Chickens are coming home to roost.

With their weird ways, stoic appearances and controversial messaging – “There is no family” – the Guilty Remnant cult in Mapleton came under heavy fire on Sunday’s episode of HBO’s The Leftovers.

In a gruesome, hard-to-watch opener, we learn just how much the local cult is loathed. And how barbaric some in town have become since the disappearances.

Shirtless Justin Theroux Punches a Wall for The Leftovers

We’re not sure exactly why Justin Theroux is punching a wall in this newly-released poster for The Leftovers, but he sure looks good doing it.

The shirtless fiancé of Jennifer Aniston appears passionate in the black-and-white photo released by HBO on Wednesday.