The Most Important Things Online: WestJet's Christmas Miracle Commercial, the Dr. Who Christmas Trailer and More

Holiday travel is awful.

You’re lugging around a bulky coat. The lines at the airport are unbearable. And there’s always someone insufferable on your plane (and, usually, sitting right next to you).

But it doesn’t have to be an express jet to hell. This year, WestJet pulled off the sweetest “miracle” for passengers, with a little help from Santa and his elves (er, their employees). Santa asked passengers what they wanted for Christmas – only to find their presents coming down the baggage shoot when they arrived at their destination.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Gives Gravity Gravitas: Random Things Online

Astronaut Chris Hadfield had us all riveted with his videos from space, where he illustrated the fascinating effects of zero-gravity on the mundane.

(Remember when he opened up a can of nuts in one oddly riveting clip?)

Now, in a new video to support the men’s cancer-awareness campaign Movember, the astronaut is showing the (not-so) fascinating effects of (totally having) gravity on the mundane.